Breastfeeding: Is it the Cheapest Option?

Breastfeeding is increasing in popularity in the United States. However, many mothers choose to stop breastfeeding their children when they are only a few months old. There are many reasons why: inverted nipples, not enough milk, not enough time, frustration because the baby won’t latch on properly, mastitis, etc. Only a tiny fraction of moms make it to the recommended year mark while even fewer still are moms who breastfeed through toddlerhood. Breastfeeding shouldn’t be looked at as just a health issue and what’s best for the child.

We all know that breast is best and breastfeeding is the very best option a parent has to give their child the very best start in life. However, breastfeeding should also be looked upon as an economic issue. Why? Because it’s free! There is no additional cost involved, which is crucial when you have just added a new child to the family. Diapers, medicine, lotions, clothing and all that stuff, are all necessities for your new baby. But the formula is not!

breastfeeding cheapestThere is no reason for a mom to go out and buy bottles, nipples, and baby formula when she can breastfeed. Of course, some mothers cannot breastfeed for medical or other reasons. Those that can, though, should, especially if they are on a tight budget. Especially when the average cost of an infant formula in a year is close to $2,000, and that doesn’t include the baby bottles, nipples, sterilizers, and other bottle feeding necessities. And if you don’t qualify for WIC because you or your husband makes too much money, you pay even more money.

If you want to know how much it costs to raise a child, the average is $11,000 for their first year of life; then you will see where saving $2,000 plus by breastfeeding is truly a big decision. Not only will it give your child the very best start in life, but it will also save the family lots of money. When you are struggling financially and trying to start a family, then it just makes sense to breastfeed. And the money that you are saving can be spent on other things that may come along.

You can be sure that your child is getting the perfect food for her growing body. You will find the sacrifice is worth it and that it creates an amazing relationship between baby and mom that cannot be severed.

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