Breastfeeding Versus Bottle Feeding: Which Feeding Method Will You Choose?

Hundreds of thousands of babies are born into this world each year, and each year hundreds of thousands of new parents are excited about the arrival of their new little boy or girl. However, with the new addition to the family comes an added choice that the parents must make. One important option that involves the mother and the newborn baby includes the feeding method and how the baby will feed. There are two main choices. Many people opt for the breastfeeding technique simply because it is what they have known through their mother and it is somehow expected of them. Others, however, decide to go with bottle feeding because it may be easier for them. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of them, and each mother should take it upon herself to decide which method would be best for her and her baby.

Reasons for Bottle Feeding

breastfeeding versus formula feedingOne of the main reasons that parents and mothers choose to bottle-feed their babies is because it lets other join and share in the enormous task of feeding the baby. Some people have the mentality that since breastfeeding only involves the mother and the child, the father won’t have that big role when it comes to feeding. This is very true, and bottle feeding your baby will allow the father, grandparents, and even extended family the ability to feed your new boy or girl!

Another reason that people choose bottle feeding is that it allows you to be able to feed your baby out in public without fear of exposing your breast to others. Some women are simply uncomfortable with the thought of breastfeeding out in public; bottle feeding your baby, however, takes away some of the fears and apprehension about feeding techniques out in public.

Reasons for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding advocates are the first ones to tell you that breastfeeding your baby can have significant benefits for both the mother and the baby.

Bond Between Mother & Child

First, an incredible bonding experience takes place between mother and son or daughter when they make a choice to breastfeed. The new mother can create a unique relationship through the process of breastfeeding, and many people are surprised when others do not choose this method of feeding their baby!

Natural Food and Nutrients

There are others who contend that women should breastfeed their children because it is the natural way of feeding your baby. The mother produces the milk in her breast for a reason and abandoning the breastfeeding technique would be a shame! Furthermore, some people suggest that breastfeeding makes a child smarter. Even though this has never been truly proven, why not go for the feeding technique that may have the ability to give your child extra smarts?

There are many reasons why a mother should breastfeed, but there are an equal number of reasons why bottle-feeding should be the technique of choice when it comes to nourishing your baby. Every mother and father need to consider the practice that will benefit their child the most, and their decisions need not be influenced by others who say that you should, in fact, choose one method over the other. The feeding technique should be a careful and a conscious decision by both the parents for the betterment and wellness of their newborn baby girl or boy!

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