What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Like Milk

Who doesn’t like milk? Most people would probably believe that every child loves to drink milk. Wrong. While most kids like them, some are just me. And what’s more? A majority of the society are strong believers that kids should drink milk. Again, wrong. All of these revelations might have shaken your equilibrium but fret not for we will discuss each of these child nutrition issues one by one.

What does milk do to our body?

Before we dig deep on the other questions, let us first understand what the sole purpose of drinking milk is. People drink milk primarily because they want to obtain nutrients such as calcium and protein, and vitamins such as A and B, which are indeed found in milk. And since milk are often introduced as an important factor for child nutrition, parents, regardless of the parenting styles they practice, can’t help but be interested in making their kids drink milk.

Do kids have to drink milk?

Not really. You see, babies up to three years of age only requires around 500 milligrams of calcium per day, while kids below nine years old need about 800 milligrams. That being said, it is not an issue whether your kids drink milk or not as long as they still acquire those stated amounts of calcium for child nutrition.

What are some alternative options?

The common problem is that parents think as if milk is the only source of those nutrients, where in fact, there are many alternatives available. The variety of options ranges from broccoli, yogurt, cheese, puddings, fortified juices and food supplements. Some more creative options are by making sandwiches with cheese, macaroni with cheese, and lasagna with milk. There is no need to force your little ones to empty those glasses for the sake of child nutrition.

What if I want them to drink milk?

However, if you insist on making your kids consume more amount of milk, some effective strategies can also be used. First, you can alternatively use chocolate milk instead of the original. You do know how fond your kids are when it comes to sugar. Just be reminded to keep their sweet tooth in control or everything you have worked for this child nutrition thing will all be a waste. Second, you can feed them with oatmeal or cereals filled with milk. Cereals that contain actions figures or famous cartoon characters are of course a plus. Lastly, you can cook various kinds of dishes and infuse milk as one of its ingredients. If you are confident with your cooking skills, then why not?

To put you back into your equilibrium, just always remember that your options are not limited. You can go far beyond what your relatives, friends, and neighbors advise you to do when it comes to child nutrition. A Little experimentation will not hurt that much, just don’t be afraid to approach your pediatrician or any health nutritionist when you are having doubts.

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